Onychom Laser by Dermachom Nail Fungus Treatment Review: Why It May Not Be Your Best Bet

In a market swarming with options for treating toenail fungus  and everyone looking for the best at home nail fungus laser, the Onychom Laser by Dermachom stands as a relatively new entrant trying not to be like other different laser devices, like the Dr Scholl’s Fungal Nail Revitalizer, Cure-Ex Laser.

As many other laser toenail fungus treatments, it promises to herald a revolution in nail fungus treatment with its state-of-the-art laser technology. But is it as effective as it claims to be?

This article delves into all aspects of the Onychom Antifungal Laser Device, based on existing medical research and customer feedback, in an attempt to give you an honest and unbiased review, which is hard to have in this world of laser toenail fungus treatments.

Before we embark on a detailed exploration of the Onychom product, it’s imperative to evaluate the existing evidence on the effectiveness of laser devices in treating nail fungus. 

Medical research seems to be skeptical about the efficacy of laser therapy. According to a Harvard Health article, while laboratory evidence indicates that laser treatment can potentially diminish fungal organisms, clinical studies in humans remain limited. Read our dedicated article to know more about the Pros and Cons of Laser Treatment for Toenail Fungus.

Additionally, a peer reviewed literature investigating treatment protocols in laser treatment work, a study published in the National Library of Medicine mentions inconsistent reporting on the effectiveness of laser treatment as standalone treatments, with cure rates falling below those of oral and topical treatments.

With this in mind, let’s delve deeper into the Onychom Laser therapy device itself.

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Dermachom's Onychom Laser claims to be a breakthrough in the toenail fungus treatment realm, offering a laser-based, at-home remedy. Given its high cost and associated risks, the Onychom Laser appears to offer questionable value for those seeking relief from toenail fungus. Read our review to know the details.

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Unpacking the Onychom Laser Treatment: What is Onychom Laser Therapy by Dermachom?


The Onychom Laser by Dermachom prides itself as the first antifungal laser device equipped with three separate, powerful laser beams. The laser therapy promises to attack the organisms not only on the surface but also between the nail layers without causing any damage to the skin or tissue.

The laser therapy is Priced at $149.99, it seems to offer a potentially safer alternative to other therapies that might cause irritation.


However, to achieve optimum results, users are advised to purchase an additional product, the Antifungal Laser Enhancer priced at $39.99, making one to question the laser treatment effectiveness.

This elevates the total cost to almost $190, making it a significant investment for laser devices in this category.

Here are the technical specifics of the laser therapy:

  • Two treatment modes: Cold laser mode and pulse treatment mode with varying wavelengths and penetration capabilities.
  • Usage: A relatively simple procedure where you clip it onto your toe or finger, choose a treatment mode, and leave it on for 7 minutes.

Despite its premium price point, the device offers a 180-day money-back guarantee, implying a strong confidence in laser treatment effectiveness. However, considering the mixed reviews from customers and the substantial investment involved, potential buyers who seek laser treatment might find themselves caught in a dilemma.

Dermachom claims that the Onychom Laser device not only eliminates nail fungus but also prevents its spread, courtesy of iits anti fungal mechanisms: both pulsating soft lasers and antibacterial blue light features. Yet, the scientific backing for these claims seems to be on shaky ground.


Studies have indicated inconsistencies in the effectiveness of laser treatments for toenail fungus. Moreover, the need for an additional product – the Antifungal Laser Enhancer, which supposedly boosts the effectiveness of the device, raises questions about the efficacy of the laser energy anti fungal mechanisms as a standalone treatment for those seeking to cure toenail fungus.

Additionally, the Dermachom website promotes the product as a solution for those who seek laser treatment to cure toenail fungus by highlighting its ability to penetrate nail layers without damaging skin or tissue. However, they fail to address concrete clinical evidence to substantiate these claims. This lack of verified information, coupled with the significant investment required for the purchase, could potentially deter prospective buyers.

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In light of these concerns, potential users might find a more reliable, affordable, and effective solution in other products.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into customer experiences with Onychom in the following sections, providing a more rounded perspective on whether this device truly stands up to its claims.

A Closer Look at the Onychom Laser Treatment


The Onychom Laser Device by Dermachom claims to be the first of its kind, boasting three strong, separate laser beams targeted at not only the surface of the nails but also penetrating between the layers without damaging any surrounding skin or tissue.

It comes with a hefty price tag of $149.99, positioning itself in the premium range of toenail fungus treatments.

Its marketing campaign paints a picture of an easy solution for those weary of constant doctor visits and medications that don’t seem to yield results. But as we dissect the product further, questions regarding its efficacy and value for money begin to surface.


The Science Behind Laser Treatments: A Ground Reality


Before we delve into the user experience with the Onychom Laser, it is crucial to address the scientific consensus on laser treatments for toenail fungus. Despite the laser technology being in use for various other medical conditions, when it comes to toenail fungus, the effectiveness of such treatments remains quite contested. 

According to a Harvard Health article, the evidence pointing towards the effectiveness of lasers in treating fungal organisms is scant, with limited clinical studies conducted on humans.

Furthermore, a study published in the National Library of Medicine indicates that laser treatments have reported inconsistent results, often falling short of the cure rates witnessed with oral and topical treatments.

Onychom Laser Hidden Costs and Additional Products 


To make matters more complicated, the Dermachom product recommends an additional purchase, the Antifungal Laser Enhancer, which comes at an extra cost of $39.99.

This enhancer purportedly augments the effectiveness of the Onychom laser treatment device, thus raising the initial investment to nearly $190. The usage of this enhancer involves a tedious routine, requiring applications up to three times daily, adding an extra layer of effort and time to the treatment regimen.

Seeking a Better Alternative to Dermachom Laser Treatment

Swissklip Medi Care Anti Fungus Stick

Given these considerations, those seeking a solution to their persistent toenail fungus issue might find more value and reliability in alternative products such as the Swissklip Medi Care Anti Fungal Stick.

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This product positions itself as a more affordable and effective solution, without the hefty price tag and questionable efficacy attached to laser treatments.

In conclusion, while the Onychom Laser Device by Dermachom promises a revolutionary approach to toenail fungus treatment, a closer inspection reveals significant gaps in both scientific backing and user satisfaction. As we venture further into this review, we will be addressing customer testimonials and experiences to provide a well-rounded perspective.

Stay tuned for a detailed analysis as we aim to guide you in making an informed decision, sparing neither praise nor critique where due.

Oncyhom Reviews: Real Customer Experiences 


As we venture deeper into the world of laser treatments for toenail fungus, it becomes imperative to consider the voices of those who have embarked on this journey before us.

Oncychom reviews by real customer, more often than not, provide an unfiltered glance into the real-world effectiveness and shortcomings of a product.

In the case of the Onychom Laser by Dermachom, customer testimonials appear to be echoing the cautionary notes sounded by medical research.

Let’s unravel some of the real customer experiences as seen in various “Onychom Laser Reviews” and “Dermachom nail fungus treatment reviews”.

How are Onychom Reviews? Real Amazon Customer Reviews 

A cursory glance at the Amazon product page reveals an average rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars, which, although might seem passable at first, unravels a concerning percentage of 1-star reviews, accounting for 19% of the total feedback. This substantial segment of dissatisfied customers paints a worrying picture of the product’s efficacy and safety.

Oncyhom Reviews, Some Customer Testimonials


Several users have taken to Amazon to voice their grievances, bringing to light the discomfort and adverse reactions experienced during and after the use of the Onychom Laser device. Here, we highlight some of the prominent concerns raised by customers:

  • Discomfort and Injuries: A significant number of users reported an uncomfortable and even painful experience with the device. From red, swollen toes to potential burns, the accounts suggest a high risk of injury. For instance, a user on April 28, 2023, mentioned, “At the end of the seven minutes, my toes turned red… It’s really bad!”
  • Poor Build Quality: Users like Matthew Stalker highlighted the poor build quality of the device, terming it as “flimsy” and noting that it “falls apart really easily”, indicating that it might not offer durability and reliability over extended use.
  • Ineffective Treatment: Echoing the concerns raised by medical research, a considerable number of customers found the device to be ineffective in treating their toenail fungus. As noted by a Vine Voice reviewer, Dennis, even after three weeks of consistent use, there were “ZERO changes or improvement.”
  • Misleading Information: Users also pointed out potential misinformation regarding the product’s actual specifications, with a reviewer named Toaster noting that the light inside seemed more like a “blue LED, not a laser”, raising questions about the authenticity of the product’s descriptions.

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Oncyhom Reviews Align with Medical Research

The negative customer reviews seems to align well with the observations from medical research. Existing studies have indicated that laser treatments are not the most effective solution for toenail fungus.

For instance, the Harvard Health Blog notes that while lasers might have some effectiveness in treating fungal organisms, the clinical studies are limited.

Additionally, research published in the National Library of Medicine highlights the inconsistent reports regarding the effectiveness of laser treatments for onychomycosis.

Drawing upon the first-hand experiences shared by customers, it seems that the Onychom Laser device might not live up to its promises. From potential safety hazards to its apparent ineffectiveness, it appears to be a risky and unreliable choice for individuals seeking relief from persistent toenail fungus issues.

As we continue to explore the nuances of this product in subsequent sections, we hope to provide you with a comprehensive insight to aid in your decision-making process.

The Hidden Costs of Onychom Laser

In a market where customers are continuously searching for effective remedies to toenail fungus, the Onychom Laser by Dermachom Nail Fungus Treatment has emerged as a potential solution.

However, as we delve deeper into the user experiences and medical reviews, it becomes evident that there might be more to the costs involved in using this device than what meets the eye.

Let’s explore some of the hidden costs and issues surrounding this product.


Oncychom Laser Financial Implications

At the outset, the Onychom Laser device is priced at $149.99, which already places it at a higher price bracket when compared to other antifungal treatments available in the market.

But the financial obligations do not end here. To enhance the efficacy of the Onychom laser treatment device, customers are advised to purchase an additional product called the Antifungal Laser Enhancer, which retails for $39.99.

This escalates the initial investment to a hefty sum, making one wonder if it truly delivers value for money.

Especially considering the mixed bag of reviews it has received on platforms like Amazon, where the Oncychom reviews have a mere 3.6 out of 5 stars, with 19% of these being 1-star reviews that report negative experiences, ranging from physical discomfort to ineffective results.

Onychom Laser by Dermachom Effectiveness and Reliability


Recent medical research and studies have cast doubts on the overall effectiveness of laser treatments for tackling toenail fungus. According to a report from Harvard Medical School, although there is laboratory evidence suggesting lasers can curb fungal organisms, the clinical studies in humans are still limited (source).

Furthermore, a publication in the National Library of Medicine highlighted that the effectiveness of lasers as a standalone treatment is reported inconsistently and has lower cure rates compared to oral and topical treatments (source).


Oncyhom Laser Health and Safety Concerns


A striking concern raised by customers in the Onychom Laser reviews pertains to the adverse physical reactions experienced during the use of the device. Some users reported instances of red, swollen, and painful toes, raising serious questions about the safety and comfort of using this device. Moreover, there were concerns about the potential harm the laser light could cause to the eyes, as noted by a customer who found the light dangerously intense.

Given the existing concerns about the product’s efficacy and safety, customers might want to consider alternative options.


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There are other more affordable and reportedly effective options: read our Swissklip Anti Fungus Stick review article.

This product could potentially offer a safer and more reliable solution to those struggling with persistent toenail fungus issues without the hefty price tag and physical discomfort associated with the Onychom device.

As customers navigate the complex world of toenail fungus treatments, it is imperative to remain informed about the potential hidden costs associated with products like the Onychom Laser by Dermachom.

From financial implications to effectiveness and health concerns, the hidden costs seem to outweigh the potential benefits promised by the brand.

Therefore, considering alternative and more affordable options, might be a more sensible route to take in the quest to find a lasting solution to toenail fungus issues.

It’s always recommended to consult with a healthcare provider before starting any new treatment to ensure it is the right option for you.

Moreover, prospective buyers should make an effort to sift through Dermachom nail fungus treatment reviews to make an informed decision.

Dermachom Laser: Rethinking Your Choice


After thoroughly evaluating various aspects, it seems pertinent to rethink your decision if you are considering the Onychom Laser by Dermachom for your nail fungus treatment.

The considerable body of evidence, as highlighted in this article and supported by numerous clinical studies, suggests that laser treatments might not be the most effective route to take when it comes to tackling nail fungus problems.

While the Onychom laser device promises relief with its advanced technology, the array of negative reviews, highlighted in the numerous Onychom Laser reviews, paints a distressing picture.

Customers have reported an array of issues, ranging from discomfort and pain to a lack of effectiveness, making the device’s substantial price tag seem unwarranted.

Furthermore, the need for an additional product, the Antifungal Laser Enhancer, which adds to the cost, seems to raise more questions regarding the efficacy of the primary Dermachom nail fungus treatment.

There’s substantial evidence in the medical community that questions the effectiveness of laser treatments for toenail fungus. Studies have revealed inconsistent cure rates and limited evidence that such treatments can truly eradicate pathogenic fungi, when compared to their oral and topical counterparts. The disparity between laboratory results and real-world clinical outcomes cannot be ignored while considering the Dermachom nail fungus treatment reviews.

It might be more prudent to explore other well-researched and effective options for treating onychomycosis.

As the evidence and numerous reviews suggest, it might be time to rethink your choice when considering the Onychom Laser by Dermachom.

We encourage our readers to make informed decisions based on comprehensive research and real customer experiences. It’s always advisable to choose a product that aligns not only with your budget but also with a proven track record of effectiveness and positive reviews.

What does Onychom Laser Care Systemic Therapy aims to do?

In the evolving landscape of toenail fungus treatment, the Onychom Laser by Dermachom presents itself as a contemporary alternative to previously existing therapeutic options that offer traditional treatments, including care systemic therapy and various topical solutions.

While different laser light devices have entered the market with the promise of superior outcomes and revolutionizing the way we deal with this common ailment, the efficacy in fungal cure remains a subject of debate. Peer-reviewed literature investigating these modern treatment protocols indicates inconsistencies in results and no statistically significant difference, particularly when compared to more traditional forms of treatment like oral and topical antifungals.

In fact, traditional treatments continue to offer a statistically significant difference in complete cure and fungal cure rates when battling the diseased nail caused by a fungal infection. These previously existing therapeutic options and offer traditional treatments that have been around for a while, are often supported by extensive clinical trials, and long-term studies with superior outcomes.

Despite the lure of state-of-the-art technology in the laser light and the convenience of at-home laser light therapy, potential users should weigh these newer options against the proven efficacy and safety profiles of existing viable treatments.

Charting a Safer Path to Nail Health


In the pursuit of optimal nail health, it’s crucial to navigate towards solutions that are not only effective but also safeguard your overall well-being. The path to a fungus-free life doesn’t have to be fraught with ineffective treatments and potential side effects. You have the right to choose a safer, more reliable approach.

Drawing upon robust research, it is clear that topical solutions stand as a beacon of safety and effectiveness in the realm of nail fungus treatments. These solutions, revered for their potent therapeutic properties, have demonstrated considerable success, especially when adhered to the instructed regimen.

Topical solutions boast a superior safety profile compared to their oral counterparts, eliminating the risks associated with drug interactions and systemic side effects.

As you stand at this crossroads, we suggest you to consider steering your journey towards the proven refuge of topical therapies.

Specifically, the Swissklip Medi Care Anti Fungal Stick emerges as the paragon of topical solutions, offering you a pathway lined with potency and natural efficacy.

Chart your course towards a future where your nails embody health and vitality

Let’s take this journey together; your path to renewed nail health is but a click away. Embrace the clear toenail revolution now, and witness a transformation that goes beyond the cosmetic, towards a future of authentic, natural beauty and well-being.

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