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Are you looking to up your nail care and foot care game with an electric nail file? These nail drills have totally transformed the way people go about manicures and pedicures, making them faster, more precise, but also a lot harder to choose between. No matter if it’s for professional use or just getting started in the world of nails, this guide is here to assist you when selecting an electric nail file that meets all your needs. Let’s jump right into exploring the best nail drill!

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Short Summary

  • Choose the right electric nail file for your needs based on RPM range, skill level, corded vs. cordless and price/quality.
  • Check out our top 5 picks for professionals & beginners nail drill with unique features & benefits.
  • Follow tips to use safely and effectively – from choosing bits to proper hand positioning.


Choosing the Right Electric Nail File for Your Needs

best electric nail file

When deciding on the optimal electric nail file, it is essential to take various elements into account such as skill level, corded or cordless options, RPM range and cost versus quality. Taking all of these factors into consideration will ensure you end up with a top-notch electric nail drill for your nails, be they acrylics, natural or gel.

Let’s delve deeper into each aspect that needs to be taken in mind when selecting an ideal nail file option for yourself!

RPM Range and Skill Level

When it comes to revolutions per minute (RPM), your knowledge plays a very important role. If you’re starting out, it’s best to go slow and have a lower RPM until you feel more confident in what you do. Professional users should aim for an amount of 35,000 or higher as this will bring efficiency while still being precise with the results.

For instance, Makartt nail drill machine operates at up to 30k RPMs whereas TouchBeauty gives 9K max when using their electric file – ideal if you want different levels of expertise from which choose between them both. There’s no need to worry even if you are new in terms of taking care of nails. Practice can make perfect thus giving amazing salon outcomes right where we live!

Corded vs. Cordless Nail Drills

When deciding between corded and wireless electric nail drills, it is important to take into consideration their advantages and disadvantages. A popular option for professional nail drills use due to its increased power capacity as well as higher battery life are the corded drill types. On the contrary, those who need portability during manicure sessions would find more convenience in utilizing a free-moving wirefree device like MelodySusie Nail Drill which is a Professional Cordless Electric Nail Drill, which offers numerous hours of usage without relying on an external energy source.

Ultimately one must consider their own specific requirements when picking either type of electric nail file or electric nail drill used primarily for drilling nails, each with unique features that could vary according to your preference or purpose. Whether you pick a corded nail drill or opt for enhanced mobility through another kind will depend entirely on what best suits your needs both practically and also aesthetically speaking!

Price and Quality Considerations

When making the choice of an electric nail file based on cost and performance, it is vital to bear in mind details such as power source – either rechargeable or a plug-in outlet nail drill – features available, plus accessories like sanding bands. Electric nail file options range from basic ones which are more economical up to high-end nail drill versions that will suit users looking for added convenience.

The quality of nail drills attachments plays an important role when talking about your overall nail care needs. Rechargeable cordless nail drill might have a higher price tag compared to non-rechargeable portable nail drill, but they also provide easier portability since you won’t need access to any nearby plugs in order for the nail drills to operate successfully.

In conclusion, by carefully evaluating both budget limits along with desired characteristics one can find the right portable nail drill suitable not only financially but providing everything needed by its user regarding manicure filing purposes.


Top 5 Electric Nail File for Professionals

best nail drill

For professionals, finding the right electric nail file can be difficult. To make it easier to decide which nail drill will best suit your needs, we have selected five of the top nail drill choices for professional manicurists:

Each nail drill has features that may meet certain requirements a professional might require while working with nails. From precise nail drills filing capabilities to power output control, it is important to look into each nail drill option closely before settling on one in particular for personal use as an expert practitioner or technician within this industry sector.

MelodySusie Professional Rechargeable Nail Drill

melodysusie nail drill

For professional nail technicians, the MelodySusie Professional Rechargeable Nail Drill is an excellent portable nail drill choice. Boasting a 2000mA battery capacity and adjustable high speed up to 30,000 RPM for precision control during manicures or pedicures, this powerful electric nail file also comes with its own foot pedal as well. With reliable performance. To user-friendly design features – it’s easy to see why this drill is considered top of its class among professionals!

Medicool Pro Power 35K Portable Nail Drill

medicool portable nail drill

Designed for the convenience of industry professionals, the Medicool Pro Power 35K Portable Nail Drill offers a reliable and powerful performance. Its high-quality motor can run at an incredible speed of 35,000 RPM, which makes it capable of performing efficiently on acrylic nails and other demanding tasks. Along with its diamond, ceramic, and carbide bits, you can be assured that you are getting accurate results each time you use this portable nail drill!

This product has earned excellent reviews from many customers on Amazon along with endorsements by world renowned nail technicians such as Syreeta Aaron who owns LeChat Nails Salon proving why investing in this portable nail drill is worth every penny since it will continue to serve your needs for years!

Kupa ManiPro Passport Portable Nail Filing System

Kupa mani pro

Professionals often opt for the Kupa ManiPro Passport Portable Nail Filing System, a high-end and portable nail drill. It has excellent control of up to 30,000 RPMs, which makes it perfect for all types of nails that need filing or drilling work with a portable nail drill. Although bits are not included in this package, its compatibility with standard sizes allows customisation so as to meet individual needs perfectly! Not only is it compact, but also packs powerful performance, making it very popular among experienced technicians within the industry.

Kiara Sky Nail Drill

Kiara sky beyond pro nail drill

The Kiara Sky Beyond Pro Nail Drill is a professional-grade portable nail drill equipped with state-of-the-art technology that offers portability and efficiency in one package​. The nail drill includes an E-file handpiece nail drill and motor, a table stand, a sand bit, a fine drill bit, among other accessories. Notable features of the Beyond Pro Nail Drill are its long battery life of 10 hours, variable speed control, and a forward and reverse switch. This design demonstrates thoughtful innovation and is an excellent solution for nail technicians seeking a tool to enhance their professional toolkit.

The nail drill quiet operation makes it stand out. For professionals who work in environments where reducing noise can contribute to a more relaxing atmosphere, such as spas and salons, this feature is beneficial. The nail drill is rechargeable, offering long-term usage and portability, enabling nail technicians to carry it wherever their services are required.

Atwood Industries Digital Electric Nail File

The Atwood Industries Digital Electric Company. File is a reliable option for those looking for an electric nail file that provides long-lasting quality. This professional tool boasts adjustable speeds and comes with several bits to suit various types of nails, making it suitable both for novices in the field as well as experienced professionals. Its ergonomic design makes using this device convenient and comfortable while still delivering precise results each time you work on your nails. Because of these impressive features, experts working in nail care highly recommend investing in the Atwood Industries Digital Electricity. File if you want sturdy and reliable files dedicated to mani/pedis tasks.

Kanon Rechargeable Portable Nail Drill

The Kanon Rechargeable Nail Drill is an appealing choice for professionals looking to maintain a tranquil work atmosphere thanks to its low-noise operation. With the convenience and portability of a battery powered electric nail file, users can depend on it for excellent performance without worry. Professionals favour this particular nail drill due to its straightforward controls as well as design being geared towards user friendliness in order to provide first rate manicure or pedicure services with their trusty toolkit. The inclusion of this powerful rechargeable nail file makes any professional’s nails care toolset even more complete!


Top 5 Electric Nail Files for Beginners

electric nail file

For those who are just beginning their nail care journey, finding the perfect electric nail file can be tricky. To help narrow down your options, here is a list of our top 5 picks for beginners: Kiss Power File x Nail Dryer. All-In-One Nail Care Kit, Bestidy Nail Drill Machine, TouchBeauty Electric 5-in-1 manicure/pedicure set and Bellasonic 4 in 1 rechargeable electric nail file. Set as well as Equate TotalNaiilCare System.

All these files offer designs that make them user friendly, so they are an ideal choice if you’re new to the world of electronic manicures or pedicures! Let’s take a closer look at what each one has to offer.

Kiss Power File x Nail Dryer, All-In-One Nail Care Kit

The Kiss Power File x Nail Dryer is a great all-in-one nail care kit for beginners who are looking to get salon quality results from home. The handy package includes a rechargeable electric nail drill, and also has 12 different attachments that can help with shaping, cleaning and polishing nails as well as softening skin. Its ergonomic design ensures better control, which makes it much easier even for newbies to use the files effectively. Making this tool an ideal purchase if you’re just getting into power filing your nails!

Bestidy Nail Drill Machine

The Bestidy Nail Drill Machine is a great choice for nail care beginners. With its metal construction and efficient motor, it can provide high-precision manicures, pedicures, polishing of acrylic nails or gel nails, as well as shaping and removal of jewelry from the fingernails. It has an impressive 4.5 rating on Amazon with over 2 900 reviews which attests to its reliability and user-friendly design that makes it perfect for those starting out in the field of electric nail file use. No matter what you require your nail drill machine to do – be it filing away excesses off natural nails or putting together intricate art pieces using artificial enhancements – this tool will certainly get the job done perfectly each time!

TouchBeauty Nail File Electric 5-in-1 Manicure/Pedicure Set

This professional-grade electric nail file set, the TouchBeauty Nail File Electric 5-in-1 manicure/pedicure set, is a professional-grade nail file set. Set is perfect for those who are just starting out in their journey of taking care of nails. It features five interchangeable attachments that ensure consistent and precise results as well as UV light to help dry nails quickly. It also comes with its own stand so you can conveniently take this manicuring solution along wherever your travels may lead!

The lightweight design makes using the ToucjBeauty Nail File Electrical 5-in-1 Manicure/ Peducire Set effortless even when on the go. Making sure all your nail needs will be easily satisfied no matter where life takes you.

Bellasonic 4-in-1 Rechargeable Electric Nail File Set

If you’re a newbie looking to start your nail care journey, the Bellasonic 4-in-1 Rechargeable Electric Nail File is for you. Set is an ideal choice. Featuring advanced features and patented oscillating movements of back and forth motion along with four different round discs for shaping, polishing or shining nails, it offers top notch results like any professional salon would do. For added convenience, this set also comes with rechargeability feature as well as storage cradle that ensures effortless usage throughout. All in all, if you are just starting out on taking good care of your nails, then be sure to give Bellasonic’s electric nail file a try!

Equate Total Nail Care System

The Equate Total Nail Care System is a professional-grade electric file that comes with five interchangeable attachments and the main tool. It’s incredibly user friendly, making it perfect for beginners who want to get salon quality nail care at home without having to leave their house! This system can be used for both manicures and pedicures as its portable design allows you to take your nail routine wherever you go. With this device, anyone will easily master the art of taking care of nails in no time!


Electric Nail File Accessories and Maintenance

electric nail drill

Once you have selected the right electric nail file, it is important to understand what accessories are necessary and how best to maintain your tool. Nail Drill bits, sanding bands as well as dust protectors are some of the must-have items for an optimal use of this equipment. As far as maintenance goes, selecting suitable nail bits based on your requirements and properly caring for the Electric Nail File is essential in order to ensure its effectiveness over time.

Here we will discuss these two topics so that you can make the most out of owning a quality Electronic Nail File Tool!

Choosing the Right Nail Bits

When caring for your nails, the right nail bits must be chosen in order to ensure efficient results with an electric nail file. Different types of bits are available such as mandrel/sanding band, carbide, ceramic and diamond. It is important to consider both the material you will be working on (acrylic or natural nails) as well as what action needs completing (e.g., shaping). Select a grit that corresponds with the task – these range from soft-red coloured gritty materials up to coarse green ones. By choosing appropriate kind of nail bit correctly for each job at hand allows accurate maintenance of healthy fingernails throughout their lifecycle.

Caring for Your Electric Nail File

To ensure optimal performance and prolong the lifespan of your electric nail file, proper care is essential. Start by using a soft cloth to wipe down the device itself followed by brushing away any dust particles in small spaces or corners. After each use, clean the nail bits either with soapy water or immerse them in acetone for 5-10 minutes before keeping them safe from moisture and dirt within their designated storage container. These maintenance tips can help keep your file working at peak levels over time while helping you enjoy its benefits for many years!

Tips for Safe and Effective Electric Nail File Use

nail drill nail file

Using an electric nail file in your manicure and pedicure routine can really improve the quality of results. To ensure safety, here are some tips on proper hand positioning, controlling speed, taking off dead skin cells, and when to stop using it. Following these directions will provide you with a successful home spa experience that rivals those at salons! When employing this tool properly, you’ll make sure no harm is done as well as get nails ready for painting or any other desired effect faster than ever before!


Proper Hand Positioning

Successful use of an electric nail file starts with proper finger grip. It is best to hold your fingertip in a firm grasp, making sure the hand stays still and all fingers are well supported. Having good control over the tool guarantees better outcomes when shaping nails while also reducing any chances for slips or errors on their part.

By investing time into familiarizing oneself with using such equipment, one will become more adept at handling it, which ultimately allows them to create beautiful manicures like that of professional quality without difficulty.

Speed Control and Dead Skin Removal

It is of the utmost importance to maintain control over the speed when using an electric nail file for optimal results in nail maintenance. Start low and gradually increase as you gain confidence with operating it. When removing dead skin, use attachments properly so that while filing, only a light surface layer will be buffed away instead of drilling deep into your nails or cutting cuticles by accident with a nail drill. By doing this correctly, smooth finished without any issues can easily be achieved if care and suitable speeds are applied during work on every single fingernail’s area.

Knowing When to Stop

It’s essential to be mindful when using an electric nail file, especially knowing precisely when it’s time to discontinue use. When you’re feeling discomfort or pain, if your nails display signs of damage such as splitting, if the tool is hitting skin or causing any other harm, that should trigger red flags and notify you that it’s time for a break from using the device. Going past these markers could result in more severe injury to both your nails and surrounding areas on the body.

To keep yourself secure while practicing proper nail care techniques, make sure not pushing too hard with their own strength while dealing with this type of equipment. Ensure they are functioning at correct speed settings along appropriate bit size corresponding each treatment task accordingly. By following rules like this one will maintain pleasant experiences free of worry working around electrically driven files regarding manicure/pedicures results desired!


Whether you’re a professional or just starting out with nail care, finding the right electric nail file is key. Remember to consider essential features like RPM range and corded/cordless options for price-quality balance when making your choice. We have compiled this guide to help provide all of the necessary information as well as guidance on safe use plus maintenance techniques for proper upkeep so that you can pick an ideal tool suited to your needs! Happy filing!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is an electric nail file or nail drill better?

When it comes to factors such as cost and reliability, the decision is up to you. Electric nail files will be more expensive than manual ones, but provide a higher degree of consistency in their service. Whether or not this extra expense is worth it depends on your own needs.

Nail filing with electric options has its advantages, the same level of quality every time! Ultimately, it’s important for each individual user to decide what works best for them when they consider the price versus performance levels provided by either option.

Do electric nail files damaged nails?

Using an electric nail file with care and the right supplies can help get a professional look for nails. If not used cautiously, these files may cause harm to them however.

What is the best speed for a electric nail file?

When using an electric nail file, the recommended speed settings are typically between 10,000 and 20,000 RPM. It’s important to get familiarized with your e-file by starting at low speeds before increasing them gradually, this way you can avoid any possible damage that could be caused on your nails.

It is best practice for users of these tools to exercise caution while they increase the nail file’s revolutions per minute – as it ultimately affects how well you will achieve whatever treatment or design plan you have in mind without damaging those precious fingernails!

Is an electric nail file worth it?

If you plan on doing frequent nail work, investing in an electric file can be a beneficial decision. But for occasional at-home manicures, it’s not necessarily worth the money or energy as there are just as effective manual files available to accomplish the task!

Can you shape nails with electric file?

Electric files can be used for various nail shaping and polishing tasks, such as trimming nails down, buffing them up quickly, preparing natural fingernails for extensions or taking off gel-based enhancements. They also provide a convenient way to remove hard skin from feet. These tools offer an extensive range of profiling options that make it easy to achieve the desired look with minimal effort.

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