Best at Home Nail Fungus Laser 2023

The at-home toenail fungus laser therapy claims to bring the effectiveness of laser treatments fungal infection into the comfort of one’s home, avoiding oral medications. 


However, when digging a little deeper and sifting through countless “at home nail fungus laser reviews”, one can’t help but notice the glaring inadequacies and the potential risks associated with the laser therapy.


So, before you get tempted to splurge on a nail fungus laser device, let’s delve into a comprehensive analysis where we unveil the true nature of these laser therapy devices.

Bottom Line
Best Overall Nail Fungus Treatment
Swissklip Medi Care Anti Fungal Stick
Score: 9.5
Only $26.99
Buy at Official Website
Bottom Line
Swissklip Anti Fungal Stick is a 100% natural product.

Heals naturally, soothes and restores the appearance of discolored or damaged nails.
Easy-to-apply Roll-on Treatment

Highly Effective in Restoring Nail's Shine and Repairing Thick Nails

No Side Effects, 100% Natural and Vegan Friendly
Small size, can get lost easily

Need to apply continuously
Only roll-on Anti fungal Stick

Highly Effective Natural Ingredients

Easy-to-apply stick
#2 At Home Nail Fungus Laser
Onychom by Dermachom Nail Fungus Treatment
Score: 7.9
Almost $200 bucks!
Buy at Official Website
Bottom Line
Very expensive treatment, almost $200 bucks and negative reviews.

Customers report red and swollen toes after using it
Cold Laser Treatment Mode

Pulse laser Treatment Mode

Kills nail fungus to a depth of 5 mm
Almost 10x more expensive than #1 option
Customers report a potential risk of side effects
3 Laser Beams

Laser beam wavelength: 905nm, Laser beam penetration: 5mm
Clip it on your toe or finger for 7 minutes
Dr Scholl's Fungal Nail Revitalizer
Score: 7.5
Almost $50 bucks!
Buy at
Bottom Line
Dr Scholl’s Revitalizer comes in a 2 steps package: the Light Activated Therapy + Nail Revitalizer Liquid, which you must apply before using the LED Light Activated Therapy.
Sold by a well-known brand

Easy to use

Affordable price
Need to apply and buy 2 products
Brand Statements have not been evaluated by FDA
Product Features
Chemical Igredients: Propylene Glycol, Water, Urea Peroxide, Lactic Acid, Triethyl Citrate, Olive Oil PEG - 7 Esters, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Hydroxide, Ethylhexylglycerin

#4 At Home Nail Fungus Laser
Cure EX Nail Fungus Laser
Score: 7.2
Check Latest Prices
Buy at
Bottom Line
Rated with 1 star on Amazon, the Cure EX nail fungus laser device promises to combine laser technology and blue light energy in a bid to annihilate fungal infections.
Innovative, yet unproven technology

Portable design
High cost: $279

Negative Customer Reviews
Product Features
Combines 2 types of energies: Low Level Laser Pulse Radiation and Visible Blue Light

Best at Home Nail Fungus Laser

In a world that constantly seeks convenience and rapid solutions, the emergence of at-home laser therapy for toenail fungus seems like a promising avenue. 


Among the front runners in this sector are the Best at Home Nail Fungus Laser devices, which have proliferated in the market recently. 


In this article, we embark on a mission to dissect the truth behind the shiny façade of laser therapy, which has been marketed as the best nail fungus laser device options available.


Contrary to the bustling market buzz, a closer inspection reveals that these laser therapy devices might not be as efficacious as advertised. In fact, they come with a hefty price tag, and the risk of worsening the condition or encountering new complications.


Stay tuned as we uncover the realities behind the laser therapy hype and why going natural might just be your best bet.

The Best Nail Fungus Laser Device Reviews

The market is inundated with a myriad of products proclaiming to be the “best at home nail fungus laser” solutions. However, as we tread cautiously through the labyrinth of “at home nail fungus laser reviews”, we notice a stark discrepancy between the glossy advertisements and actual user experiences. 


Let’s dissect some of the popular choices in the market and gauge if they are truly worth the investment.

#1 Swissklip Medi-Care Anti-Fungal Stick

Score: 9.5

Swissklip Medi-Care-Anti-Fungal-Stick

Buy Now and get 40% Discount!
Swissklip Medi-Care-Anti-Fungal-Stick, For a Healing, natural Soothing that Restores the Appearance of Discolored or Damanged Nails.

Price: Only $26.99

Instead of being swayed by high-tech allure, we guide you towards a more grounded, risk-free, and cost-effective solution.



A roll-on treatment for toenail that is making waves for all the right reasons. Not only does it treat toenails with aplomb, restoring your nail plate and the affected area, but it’s also a beacon of hope for those looking to repair thick toenails and restore their natural shine, all without the hefty price tag or the risk of side effects. 



Made from 100% natural ingredients, it’s vegan-friendly and stands as a pain-free alternative in combating toenail fungus effectively.

#2 Onychom by Dermachom Nail Fungus Treatment

Score: 7.9


The Onychom by Dermachom proposes to be a top contender in the toenail fungus laser treatment space, utilizing laser technology to combat fungal growth. This device boasts of a simple, at-home solution to a problem that affects numerous individuals globally.


Onychom Laser by Dermachom – Pros and Cons

Pros: Easy to use, marketed as a non-invasive solution


Cons: High cost, lack of proven effectiveness, potential risk of side effects



Pricing: $149.99 + $39.99 for the enhancers (extra products) = Almost $200 bucks!


With a price tag that borders on the extravagant, one would expect stellar results, but sadly, customer reviews narrate a different story.


Onychom Laser by Dermachom Reviews

Considering the low effectiveness of this laser treatment for toenail fungus, riskiness, and the significant investment involved, the Onychom fails to live up to its promises, earning a low score in Amazon, their customers reviewing it with 3.5 out of 5 stars. Read the following review from a real Onychom customer:



Verified Purchase

Reviewed in the United States on April 28, 2023



Paul R.

3 of 5 stars rating

3 out of 5 stars.



The toe was treated red



If you have purchased this device, be prepared for your toes to be injured. I followed every step of the treatment, the nail fungus not only did not improve, there may be red toe swelling and a very painful situation. It’s really disappointing that I have to pay for treatment for this red and swollen toe. The risk factor is high.

#3 Dr Scholl’s Fungal Nail Revitalizer

Score: 7.5

dr scholls fungal nail revitalizer

Dr Scholl’s, a recognized name in foot care, has ventured one foot into the nail fungus laser device market with this treatment for toenail fungus. It aims to revitalize your toenails by targeting the fungus directly, promising a speedy recovery.

Dr Scholl’s Revitalizer comes in a 2 steps package: the Light Activated Therapy + Nail Revitalizer Liquid, which you must apply before using the LED Light Activated Therapy.


Dr Scholl’s Fungal Nail Revitalizer Pros and Cons

Pros: Comes from a well-known brand, user-friendly interface

Cons: The effectiveness is questionable, reported side effects, need to purchase 2 products 

Pricing: $27.99 LED device + $18.99 of Nail Revitalizer Liquid = Almost $50 bucks!

Unlike its counterparts, this device does not demand a significant investment, however it has a considerable amount of negative reviews.


Dr Scholl’s Fungal Nail Revitalizer Reviews: 3.8 stars on Amazon

Despite coming from a reputed brand, the treatment for toenail fungus falls short in delivering as a viable laser treatment for toenail fungus infection, hence receiving a low score not only in our analysis, but from real Amazon buyers perspective. Here’s an example of a real customer reviews, you can find more yourself on our Dr Scholls Fungal Nail Revitalizer Reviews:


Verified Purchase

Reviewed in the Syracuse, New York on June 15, 2023


Margaret Strauss

3 of 5 stars rating

3 out of 5 stars


Poor results

I have been using the product for 3 weeks and don’t see significant results. The dispenser gets too much product so is wasted, and leaks each time it uses

#4 Cure EX Nail Fungus Laser

Score: 7.2

cure ex nail fungus laser treatment

Promising patients a revolutionary approach to tackling fungal nail infections, the Cure EX nail fungus laser device combines laser technology and blue light energy in a bid to annihilate fungal infections.


Cure EX Nail Fungus Laser Pros and Cons

Pros: Innovative technology, portable design

Cons: Skeptical efficacy, high cost, negative customer reviews highlighting its limited effectiveness

Pricing: $279.99

The pricing of this device sits at the higher end of the spectrum, making one ponder upon the cost-benefit ratio seriously.


Cure EX Nail Fungus Laser Reviews

Given the negative reviews and substantial investment required, we are compelled to give this product a low score. Amazon customers have reviewed this product with a 1 star rating.

Read this review from an Amazon customer:

Verified Purchase

Reviewed in Seattle, Washington on March 26, 2023

one star rating

1 out of 5 stars.

This product did not help. Do not buy it.

I have had bad toenail fungus for several years. I tried to treat the fungus with this by doing 2 applications every day for 1 year. There was no improvement! 

I have since found some success using natural remedies such as bathing the toes in vinegar. This product is an overpriced waste of money. There is no way of telling whether it works or not. Does the laser really work? Who knows? It did not work for me. A waste of money. I would give it zero stars but the minimum seems to be one star.

#5 KTS Nail Fungus Laser

Score: 7.1

KTS Nail fungus laser device

The KTS nail fungus laser device promises to be a beacon of hope for those grappling with toenail fungus and interested in laser treatments, boasting of high success rates in advertisements.


KTS Nail Fungus Laser Pros and Cons

Pros: Simple usage, marketed as a quick solution treatment

Cons: Disproportionate cost to effectiveness ratio, potential risk of adverse effects, lack of solid customer testimonials

Pricing: $252.68

With a high price tag, the product does not seem to offer value proportionate to the investment. Besides, you can only get it through an unknown website called EveryMarket. 


KTS Nail Fungus Laser Review

Unfortunately, the KTS fails to substantiate its claims with tangible results, meriting a low score in our comprehensive review.

As we delve further, it becomes increasingly clear that while these products vie for the title of the “best nail fungus laser device”, they fall short in the infection treatment. 

Instead, the number one OTC nail fungus treatment emerges as a beacon of reliability and effectiveness of the infection treatment, offering a 100% natural, vegan-friendly, and affordable solution to your toenail fungus woes. Stay tuned as we uncover why this might just be the prudent choice in the battle against nail fungus.

#5 Lunula Laser Treatment

Score: 7.1

Lunula Laser Treatment Toenail Fungus

Lunula Laser touts itself as a ground-breaking device, merging modern technology with ease of use. It claims to target the fungal cells effectively without causing any damage to the surrounding skin or tissues.

Lunula Laser Treatment Pros and Cons

Pros: Painless laser treatment, futuristic design

Cons: Steep price point, questionable effectiveness, potential risks involved


Pricing: Over $5000.

An investment in Lunula Laser would dent your wallet significantly, raising questions about its actual value in terms of results delivered, as it mainly caters towards professional podiatrists.


Lunula Laser Treatment Review

The lofty promises might seem to be real, unfortunately it’s steep price point makes it the least affordable option in the market. This device is manufactured solely for industrial use. I would think  spending over $5,000 dollars of your hard-earned money to cure 1 or 2 toenails. 

Introducing the #1 Medi-Care Anti-Fungal Stick


After delving into the at-home nail fungus laser reviews and assessing various products in the market, it becomes abundantly clear that the majority do not meet the expectations set by their lofty price tags and promising advertisements. Hence, it would only be prudent to explore a cost-effective, yet highly efficacious alternative.



What is the Medi-Care Anti-Fungal Stick?


Overview of the Medi-Care Anti-Fungal Stick

Stepping away from the laser technology that has flooded the market, this product offers a novel approach to combating nail fungus. It operates on a roll-on mechanism that allows for a hassle-free application, promising to bring back the shine and health to your nails.


Ingredients and How it Works

The cornerstone of its effectiveness lies in its formulation. It incorporates clinically proven ingredients that are 100% natural and vegan-friendly, steering clear from any dangerous or unnatural additives. This not only ensures maximum fungus-free results but also upholds an ethical standard by adhering to a strict animal-friendly policy.


Benefits Over Laser Devices


In a market dominated by laser devices that come with a hefty price tag and questionable efficacy, the Medi-Care Anti-Fungal Stick shines through with an array of benefits that make it a preferred choice for many.



Unlike the nail fungus laser treatment that seem to burn a hole in your pocket without delivering promised results, this product offers an affordable solution, making it accessible to a larger populace without compromising on quality.


Safety and Lack of Side Effects compared to Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment

Safety is a paramount concern when it comes to health products. Medi-Care Anti fungal Stick ensures a risk-free experience, eliminating the potential side effects that are often associated with laser devices.


Ease of Use

One of the standout features is its ease of use. The roll-on mechanism facilitates a smooth application process, allowing users to integrate it seamlessly into their daily routine without any hassle.

Swissklip Medi-Care-Anti-Fungal-Stick

Buy Now and get 40% Discount!
Swissklip Medi-Care-Anti-Fungal-Stick, For a Healing, natural Soothing that Restores the Appearance of Discolored or Damanged Nails.

Customer Testimonials

Swissklip Medi Care Anti Fungus Stick



An endorsement by satisfied customers is the best testament to a product’s efficacy. The Medi-Care Anti-Fungal Stick enjoys a plethora of positive reviews, affirming its place as a leading choice for combating nail fungus.


Positive Reviews from Users

The customer feedback paints a promising picture from most people. Here are a few testimonials that highlight its effectiveness:


“Good fungal care – I have been using it for several weeks and have seen some improvements.” – Phil S., Los Angeles, US


“Antifungal nail – I have been using the antifungal nail treatment for 3 weeks and already notice a big improvement. It is easy to use and smells great! I am hopeful for complete success.” – Paul R., Woodland Hills, US



High Score and Ranking Compared to Laser Devices

The customer satisfaction score speaks volumes about its superiority over laser treatment:


Five-Stars Reviews: 89%

Four-Stars Reviews: 11%

Wrapping Up: The Unveiled Truth About Nail Fungus Laser Devices


In comparison to the “best at home nail fungus laser” devices, the Medi-Care Anti-Fungal Stick has clearly carved out a niche for itself, offering a more reliable, safe, and cost-effective solution to treat toenail fungus issues. You can forget about the oral medication or oral antifungals that could potentially cause liver damage.


It stands as a testimony to the fact that sometimes, the best solution is found in simplicity and authenticity, rather than in expensive, high-tech devices that might not deliver as promised.


In this exhaustive review of the so-called “best at home nail fungus laser” devices, we peeled back the glossy advertisements and revealed the disappointing truth lurking beneath.


The staggering costs, questionable effectiveness, and potential risks associated with the laser treatment undeniably cast a dark shadow over their credibility. When it comes to treating toenail fungus, these devices clearly do not hit the mark as promised.


The reality check doesn’t end here, though. In a market flooded with high-tech devices boasting unproven promises, the Medi Care Anti Fungal Stick emerges as a beacon of hope.


This product clearly outshines its laser counterparts in several significant aspects: cost-effectiveness, safety, and proven effectiveness.


Rather than burning a hole in your pocket with potentially ineffective at-home nail fungus laser treatment, the fungal stick offers a gentle yet powerful remedy to nail fungal infections.


It is not just like any other roll-on topical antifungal creams in the market; it’s a revolution in nail care, promising to repair thick nails, restore shine, and bring back the health to your toenails without any side effects.


As we reach the conclusion of our in-depth “at home nail fungus laser reviews”, we strongly advocate shifting your focus towards more reliable and affordable alternatives.


The Medic Care Anti Fungal Stick, with its natural, vegan-friendly ingredients, stands tall as a testament to the fact that effectiveness doesn’t always come with a hefty price tag.

Your Next Step: Embracing a Trusted and Cost-Effective Solution

Don’t let your nails suffer any longer. Place your trust in a product that delivers real results without compromising your safety or your wallet. Secure your Medic Care Anti Fungal Stick today from [specific website or store details to be inserted here] and embark on a journey towards healthier, fungus-free nails.


Moreover, we encourage you to share your success stories with us. Your testimonials not only serve as a beacon of light for others sailing in the same boat but also help in fostering a community where genuine and authentic reviews guide individuals towards making informed decisions.


Join hands with the Anti Fungal Stick, a haven where effectiveness meets affordability, and steer clear from the exaggerated and under delivering nail fungus laser device options that pervade the market.


Your success stories are eagerly awaited, and we anticipate hearing about your triumphant journey soon!

Swissklip Medi-Care-Anti-Fungal-Stick

Buy Now and get 40% Discount!
Swissklip Medi-Care-Anti-Fungal-Stick, For a Healing, natural Soothing that Restores the Appearance of Discolored or Damanged Nails.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Nail Fungus Laser Device?

In theory, a nail fungus laser device is a technological solution treatment for toenail fungus designed to tackle fungal growth nesting in the affected nails, restoring the nail plate health. 


These devices use laser beams to purportedly eliminate the toe fungus organisms lurking beneath the nail surface. Here, we will scrutinize their mechanism of action, the different types of lasers typically used, and the often overstated marketing claims surrounding them.


The surge in marketing and enticing advertisements might lead you to believe that snagging the “best at home nail fungus laser” device could be your golden ticket to healthy, fungus-free nails, avoiding oral medications.


However, navigating through the clutter of “at home nail fungus laser reviews,” a darker truth unveils itself, painting a not-so-rosy picture of these high-cost laser light devices. In this section, we cut through the noise to present a realistic view of laser treatment for toenail fungus and their true efficacy in nail growth.


How Does a Nail Fungus Laser Device Work?

At the heart of these devices is a laser technology that targets the fungus embedded in the nail. The lasers are designed to penetrate the nail and destroy the fungus, a process that sounds innovative but lacks substantial evidence in terms of effectiveness. 


Moreover, this laser systems technology seems to be at a nascent stage, with many users reporting minimal to no improvement, even after adhering to a rigorous regimen of treatment sessions.


What are the different Types of Toenail Fungus Lasers?

While browsing for the “best nail fungus laser device,” you may come across various types of lasers, including cold lasers.


These variations in technology, though marketed as advancements, show little divergence in their actual efficacy, further questioning the substantial price differences between them.


Why Toenail fungus Laser Devices are so Popular?

Sadly, the soaring popularity of laser treatment for toenail fungus seems to be fueled more by aggressive marketing than by actual results.


A deeper look into user testimonials and unbiased “at home nail fungus laser reviews” reveals a saga of disappointment, with many lamenting the steep costs and lack of results or bringing only temporary cosmetic improvement.


What is Cold Laser for Toenail Fungus?

Cold laser technology, also known as low-level laser therapy, is a low-intensity laser beams that aims to stimulate and heals while causing minimal damage to the surrounding tissue. While this sounds promising, the effectiveness of toenail fungus laser therapy remains highly debatable, with substantial research yet to back the claims made by manufacturers.


How does Cold Laser Technology for Toenail fungus Work?

According to manufacturers, cold lasers work by targeting the fungal cells directly, thereby inhibiting their growth and proliferation.


However, the real-world application of this theory seems to fall flat, with numerous users reporting unsatisfactory results, thereby casting a shadow over the claims of it being a top-notch toenail fungus laser treatment.


Does Cold Laser Therapy Really Work?

When it comes to cold laser technology for toenail fungus infection, the current research scenario paints a grim picture.


Most studies highlight the limited effectiveness of this laser therapy, emphasizing the need for further research to substantiate the claims made by manufacturers.


As we navigate through the perplexing world of nail fungus laser devices, the simplicity and efficacy of the Medi-Care Anti-Fungal Stick stand out as a beacon of hope. 


A roll-on topical treatments that not only works effectively to treat toenail fungus but also repairs thick nails, restores shine, and promises no side effects, showcasing itself as a truly 100% natural and vegan-friendly alternative. 


Stay tuned as we unravel more about why this might just be the superior choice for battling toenail fungal infection, offering a pain and risk-free solution without burning a hole in your pocket.

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