Lee Beauty Callus Remover Reviews

A Needlessly Difficult Callus Remover


We took the time to review the Lee Beauty Professional Callus Remover and found that it is far from the best option. Instead, we recommend SwissKlip Callus Remover and Foot Scrubber as the Best Callus Remover and Foot Scrubber in the market. 


Lee Beauty Professional Callus Remover Pros ; Cons


The best way to break down the good, bad, and ugly of Lee Beauty Professional Callus Remover is to examine the pros and the cons of this product. 


  • Can Be Used For Maintenance – One of the great benefits to this product is that it is widely used after one has already taken a trip to the spa. If you’ve just received a full professional treatment for your feet, it is possible to use the Extra Strength Gel and Callus remover by Lee Beauty to maintain that clean spa feeling. 
  • Comes With Callus Removing Gel – One thing that may draw customers to this callus remover is the fact that it actually comes with it’s own gel, which claims to be spa-grade in quality. This gel can act as an extra solvent to soften up the calluses and make for less labor-intensive scrubbing afterward. 
  • Gel is Made With Eucalyptus Oil – Eucalyptus oil is one of the ingredients of the Extra Strength Gel, which is otherwise made up of strong chemicals. This may be a bonus for fans of eucalyptus, since the plant is known to be an anti-inflammation agent when applied to the skin.


  • Cannot Use in Hard to Reach Places – The construction of the one-sided rasp of this product is so broad and plain that it should definitely not be used on edges or even attempted between toes. 
  • Cannot Be Used Often – Because of this product’s lack of a gentle side to it’s scrubber, it can be too rough on the skin and most customers find they can only use it once every few weeks.
  • Handle Is Uncomfortable – As important as a good grip is on a scrubbing product, the Lee Beauty handle is entirely uncomfortable to hold.  
  • Many Difficult Components – As will be discussed later on, this product comes with three separate components: a pair of gloves for the sometimes harmful chemical gel, the gel itself, and the scrubber. For a callus removing process, this is more complex than necessary.
  • Poor Quality – Ultimately, the craftsmanship of the gloves and the scrubber are not top-notch and the difference in quality from other products is keenly felt.  
  • Solution Does Not Always Work – The Extra Strength Gel is meant to soften the calluses when applied. However, customers report that sometimes, with many washes of the gel and prolonged amounts of time leaving it on the calluses, it still is ineffective in softening the areas of skin that need to be removed. 
  • Chemical Solution Can Be Painful – Finally, one of the most disturbing but repeated experiences with the Extra Strength Gel is that it can be painful when applied to the skin, though this is not every customer’s experience. It is, however, the reason gloves are offered in the package.


What is Lee Beauty Professional Callus Remover?


The Lee Beauty Professional Callus Remover is a product created by the Lee Beauty Company which has been made for the removal of a buildup of thick, tough tissue called calluses. 

Lee Beauty Professional Callus Remover Main Features

The main features associated with the Lee Beauty Professional Callus Removers are it’s three components: the foot scrubber, the solution, and the gloves. 

The gloves that the product comes with are useful enough on their own, though they are not exactly one size fits all and may be too big or too small for some customers. The real issue is the reason gloves are even necessary: Lee Beauty Professional Callus Remover comes with a type of Extra Strength Gel.

This Extra Strength Gel is made in an 8 ounze container, and although it does contain eucalyptus, the chemical itself can, as previously mentioned, sometimes be too strong and require diluting to avoid painful application. 

To make matters worse, the Extra Strength Gel is meant to be applied after feet are soaked in warm water and dried. It has to sit for as long as 10 minutes before customers are even supposed to use the foot scrubber in hopes of removing their calluses.

The foot scrubber itself is made up off a white plastic handle with a rasp meant to remove calluses that have been softened after application of the Extra Strength Gel. Unfortunately, the rasp itself is harsh and does not work well on edges or smaller niche areas. 

It is also far from gentle if accidentally used on soft skin. To make matters worse, we found the handle uncomfortable. Altogether, customers who purchase this expensive $23.99 product from Amazon will get three needlessly complex features that require a lot of prep to begin working, and may not be effective. 


How is Lee Beauty Professional Callus Remover Compared to Other Callus Removers and Foot Scrubbers?


Technically, Lee Beauty Professional Callus Remover is an acceptable product: it works fine, but it simply is not as useful as other products. We actually found SwissKlip Callus Remover and Foot Scrubber to be much better by comparison. 

For example, the Swissklip Callus Remover has not one, but two different rasping sides that utilize tiny blades; one side is sharp and the other is fine, but both are noted for being gentle. On the other hand, Lee Beauty Professional Callus Remover is noted for being harsh on soft skin when it bothers to work at all. 

It is also worth noting that if you can’t get a good grip on your foot scrubber tool, you aren’t going to be able to effectively scrub away those thick calluses. Lee Beauty Professional Callus Remover has a poorly constructed handle which does not offer as strong a non-slip feature. 


Who Should Buy the Lee Beauty Professional Callus Remover?

If you still think Lee Beauty Professional Callus Remover might be worth a shot, it’s important to know that the only people we recommend buying this product are those who enjoy a complex experience and are willing to pay an expensive amount for a difficult task


Why Should You Get a Lee Beauty Professional Callus Remover?

The only reason to get a Lee Beauty Professional Callus Remover is if you enjoy paying quite a bit for products that are more complex in use than they need to be to get the job done. 


How Do You Use the Lee Beauty Professional Callus Remover?

The Lee Beauty Professional Callus Remover comes with a needlessly complex way to be used. First, users must wash and dry their feet using warm water. Then, the Extra Strength Gel must be applied to any callused areas using the provided gloves because of the gel’s strong chemical nature.

 Before customers can start scrubbing, they have to wait for five to ten seconds so the gel can take effect. Then, customers must try to keep hold of the white scrubber tool’s uncomfortable handle and try to rub away the calluses. Afterward, feet must be cleaned and rinsed of any residual skin or chemicals.


Does Lee Beauty Professional Callus Remover Really Work?

At the end of the day, it is true that Lee Beauty Professional Callus Remover will work, especially for those who have a callus on side of big toe. It will remove your calluses, but only after a long and needlessly difficult process of setting up the components and using the user-unfriendly product.

Aside from this, Lee Beauty Professional Callus Remover quite obviously lacks all of the benefits of better callus removers, especially when compared to a product like SwissKlip’s. 


Lee Beauty Professional Callus remover: What Are Customers Saying?

Ultimately, customer reviews reflect our own experience in finding that Lee Beauty Professional Callus Remover is not a great product. Instead, as you can see from these Amazon reviews, the product is unhelpfully hard to manage. The best thing to do is get a better product for the removal of calluses; one that has plenty of benefits, such as the SwissKlip version. 

Some customer reviews detail the ineffectiveness of the gel, claiming that after several uses, their calluses are not softened as the product advertises. Others, even after following the instructions correctly, claim that the gel stings or causes inflammation to the feet

Either way, it is abundantly clear from more than one experience that this product is not useful for everyone, and a product like SwissKlip is much more reliable.


Where Can You Order a Lee Beauty Professional Callus Remover?

If you do decide to try this product for yourself, you’ll find it is available on Amazon.com.


Final Verdict

In conclusion, we found Lee Beauty Professional Callus Remover to be effective in removing calluses, but only after a difficult process that was completely unnecessary. When comparing this product to others, such as SwissKlip, the benefits of safe and easy use are clearly missing. 

SwissKlip is altogether the superior product, and comparing it to Lee Beauty Professional Callus Remover easily reveals that the Lee Beauty product is hard to use and too expensive for the frustrating experience it provides. 

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