Green Bell Nail Clipper Reviews

Green Bell Nail Clipper may help cutting preventing ingrown toenails or fungal infections in your toenails by regularly performing toenail cutting. Investing in a high-quality toenail clipper ensures you have a more stress-free experience, especially if you’re already suffering from conditions like black toenails.

Some straight toenail clippers function better than others, especially as we age. As we get older, our toenails get thicker and we start to lose our dexterity. In particular, toenail clippers for the elderly need to be easy to use, sharp enough to cut through with little resistance, and comfortable to hold. 

Read on for our review of Green Bell nail Clippers, the cutting experience, and how they compare to other well-known brands. 

Green Bell G-1008 Nail Clippers: The Pros ; Cons

Green Bell G-1008 nail clipper has been manufacturing hand tools since 1968, but how do their straight toe nail clippers stack up? Take a look at our pros and cons of Green Bell Nail Clippers.

Green Bell Nail Clipper Pros

  • It’s available in two sizes to suit different hand sizes and toenail thicknesses.
  • It has a built-in nail catcher to stop nails from scattering around.
  • It provides you with a handy nail file to remove any burrs or rough edges.

Green Bell Nail Clipper Cons

  • It’s small and fiddly.
  • It lacks an ergonomic grip handle.
  • It can cause multiple cracks along the toenail.
  • The nail catcher can obstruct your view. 
  • It can leave nails feeling rough.
  • The blades do not open wide enough for very thick toenails.
  • It’s uncomfortable to grip for extended periods of time.

What are Green Bell G 1008 Nail Clippers?

Green Bell nail clippers are sharp, sturdy cutters that are designed to make easy work of cutting even thick toenails. 

They’re considered some of the best Japanese nail clippers on the market. With a stylish design, a built-in nail catcher, and a nail file, it may seem an obvious choice. 

But do Green Bell G 1008 nail clippers live up to the hype – are they really the best nail clippers around?

Read on to find out! 

Main Features

Green Bell G-1008 nail clippers are available in two different sizes to accommodate those of us with bigger hands or tougher toenails. The G-1020 is the smaller of the two, which measures 76mm (3”) and weighs 40g (1.4oz). The larger model measures 86mm (3.4”) and weighs 50g (1.8oz). 

These straight toenail clippers feature a stainless steel handle and a convenient, built-in nail file. 

One of the key features of the Green Bell nail clippers is the built-in nail catcher. It’s designed to capture and store nail clippings until you’re ready to empty the waste into the trash. Anything that stops toenail clippings from flying across the room is a winner in our books. 

Green Bell nail clippers are made from hardened Japanese steel. They’re crafted in a factory located in Seki City, Japan, using traditional techniques. Seki City is well-known worldwide for its knife crafting. 

How do Green Bell Nail Clippers Fare Against Other Brands?

With such a variety of different brands of straight edge toenail clippers available on the market, you may be wondering what are the best toenail clippers with straight edge for you. 

Green Bell toenail clippers are sharp, robust, and do the job. However, they’re on the smaller side and have a stainless steel handle, which can make them difficult to grip

Having said that, there are certainly better straight toe nail clippers around. Here are a couple of brands that we thought were worth a mention. 

Like Green Bell nail clippers, Swissklip Nail Clippers are made from stainless steel that’s easy to clean and they have sharp blades. Here’s where the similarity ends.

Tweezerman nail clippers tend to cut more precisely than Seki Edge Nail Clippers and they do a better job at cutting ingrown toenails. They do lack a nail catcher, so you may have to duck from scattering nail shards! 

Aging toenails get thicker, which can make them more difficult to cut. Our Swissklip Heavy Duty reviews demonstrated that the Skissklip toenail clipper is a better choice than the Green Bell as not only does it have a much better grip for precise cutting, but the jaws open wider so you can cut even the thickest of toenails. 

Overall, the Green Bell toenail clippers are the 3rd best toenail clippers that we’ve tested, ranking behind the Skissklip Nail clipper

Who Should Buy Green Bell nail Clippers?

If you have a penchant for Japanese products, then Green Bells are for you. Green Bell clippers are the compound lever type of nail clippers. They look attractive on any bathroom shelf and they cut toenails with relative ease. 

On the flip side, these straight toe nail clippers are smaller than a set of 

plier-style nail clippers, like the Swissklip Heavy Duty Toenail clippers, so they’re not easy to grip. Additionally, compound lever-style nail clippers require you to lean over your foot to get a good angle for cutting your toenails. 

For these reasons, Green Bell Toenail Clippers are not ideal for seniors or people suffering from arthritis. 

Why Should You Buy Green Bell Toenail Clippers?

green bell nail clippers

Green Bell nail Clippers tend to be pricier than the average set of toenail clippers and while they do the job of cutting toenails, Green Bell  G-1008 nail Clippers are a little more style over substance. Look beyond the smart-looking design and packaging and you’ll find that the clippers themselves are small and difficult to grip. 

There are better brands that are less expensive, open wider, and provide a better grip than Green Bell G 1008 nail Clippers, such as the Skissklip range. But if you’ve got your heart set on a Japanese brand, then you can’t go too far wrong with a set of Green Bell G 1008 nail Clippers. It truly is one of the best Japanese nail clippers. 

How Do You Use the Green Bell Toenail Clippers?

Follow our simple step-by-step to use your Green Bell nail Clipper effectively:

  1. Open your clipper by lifting the handle and swiveling it upwards to make a lever. 
  2. Hold the clipper in your dominant hand and position your toenail between the two blades. 
  3. Starting with your big toe, cut straight across your toenail. Take care not to catch your skin between the blades. 
  4. Repeat for each of your toenails.
  5. When you’re finished, you can remove the nail catcher from the Green Bell nail clipper and empty the clippings into your trashcan. 
  6. Wipe your Green Bell nail Clipper after every use to prevent rust.

For best results, you’ll need to avoid rounding your toenails as you cut. Always aim to cut straight across, otherwise you risk developing ingrown toenails and possible infection. 

Do Green Bell nail Clippers Really Work?

Green Bell nail Clippers cut toenails reasonably well and we love the concept of a nail catcher. However, these straight toenail clippers are very small and they lack a decent grip, which makes it harder to find the proper position to cut your toenails. It’s not ideal for people who find it difficult to cut their own toenails.

When you also consider the high price tag, then a better choice is the Skissklip Heavy Duty Toenail Clipper. This toe nail clipper has a more ergonomic grip and remains sharp, even after many uses.

Green Bell nail Clippers: What Do Customers Think?

We’ve scoured the internet for Green Bell nail Clipper reviews and on the whole, the customer opinion is generally favorable with some people citing that the nail clipper is “solid”, “extremely sharp”, and “cuts smoothly”. 

However, there are also several negatives including the small size and the poor handle grip, both of which we’ve noted in our own review. Some customers even reported that the Green Bell nail clippers cracked their toenails more than other brands of toenail clippers. 

Overall, Green Bell Toenail Clippers are a reasonable choice, but you can get better toenail clippers for a similar or lower price.  

Where To Buy Green Bell Nail Clippers?

If you want to try Green Bell G 1008 nail clippers for yourself, you can get your own set directly from Amazon.

Final Verdict

Investing in a good-quality set of toenail clippers helps us to get rid of thick toenails and to prevent toenails the pain of ingrown toenails and fungal nail infections

Green Bell Toenail Clippers are one of the best Japanese brands on the market and there’s no doubt that they look great. But beneath their attractive appearance, the Green Bell nail clippers are a very average set of nail clippers given the price tag.

We found that with its superior handle grip, long-lasting sharp blades, and easy maintenance, the Skissklip Heavy Duty Toenail Clipper is a far better choice. You’ll be using these nail clippers long after the Green Bell clippers are dull.

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